Vyssi Brod

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https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/Vyšší Brod


https://www.booking.com/hotel/cz/a-umava.de.html Hotel Šumava


R plus R s.r.o. Market Vyšší Brod


Vyšší Brod to Horni Plana Vyssi Brod→České Žleby (43 km Vyssi Brod to Horni Plana) České Žleby

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Information about the Vyšší Brod

in German: Vyšší Brod

in Englich: Vyšší Brod

  • Vyšší Brod is located in the South Bohemia region at the confluence of the Menší Vltavice and the Molday.


Next morning 2018-09-30 after breakfast we leave Hotel Šumava in Vyšší Brod / Czech Republic

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Vyšší Brod

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along the Moldau reservoir "Lipno"

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20180930 110633.JPG 20180930 110639.JPG

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Lunch brake

View from hotel restaurant Leyla terrace to the village Frymburk

20180930 122519.jpg

20180930 123750.jpg

The terrace with place and charging option for our bike batteries

20180930 124143.jpg

The hotel restaurant Leyla is locatet in Frymburk 181, 382 79 Frymburk, Czechia. Phone +420 777 075 714 www.hotel-lipno.cz

20180930 124148.jpg

Our food

20180930 125255.jpg

20180930 123739.jpg

back on tour

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20180930 123925.JPG

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Wonderful view

20180930 133136.JPG

We still have time until our train leaves. Break with cold drinks in the restaurant Sumava in Jiraskva 217 388226 Horní Planá.

20180930 150730.jpg

20180930 150756.jpg

Train station

Plattform in Horní Planá

20180930 151558.JPG

Waiting for the train from Horní Planá station to Stožec

20180930 151605.JPG

A lot of space for bike transport.

20180930 155459.JPG

20180930 155510.JPG

20180930 155516.JPG

20180930 155529.JPG

The way to the hotel

20180930 160602.JPG

It is a very steep mountain to cycle to reach the hotel.

20180930 172804.jpg

There is a fantastic view from the top of the hotel.

20180930 172740.jpg

possible tours

  1. Teil 1 Vyssi Brod - Horni Plana: 43 km, 861 m rauf, 659 runter oder
    1. bis Cerna v Posumovi mit Ladehalt in einem Restauarnt am See
  2. Teil 2 Horni Plana - Ceske Zleby: 28 km , 400m rauf, 244m runter von Horni Plana mit dem Zug bis Stožec