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Nightjet train to Austria


Linz→Vyssi Brod (40 km Linz to Bad Leonfelden and 15 km more to Vyssi Brod) Vyssi Brod

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We start 2018-09-28 from our home to the S-Bahn station "Kaarster See". The S-Bahn brings us to Dusseldorf main station.

20180928 175123.JPG

Dusseldorf main station

In the S-Bahn S28 from Kaarster See to Dusseldorf main station

20180928 192841.jpg

Dusseldorf main station

Our train Nightjet 40421 from Dusseldorf to Linz, leave Dusseldorf at 20:54pm. We have time enought to put our bike and the baggage into the train to the right place.

20180928 195517.jpg

20180928 195526.jpg

20180928 195534.jpg

The bike place is in another wagen.

20180928 200213.jpg

Journey by night train

Our sleeping place is in the slipping car with the number 255.

20180928 203257.jpg

20180928 203309.jpg

Our own bathroom

20180928 203318.jpg

20180928 203321.jpg

Dinnertime in the train

20180928 203332.jpg

20180928 210241.jpg

20180928 210249.jpg

Next Morning

2018-09-29 Morning tea and waiting for Linz main station in Austria around 7am

20180929 070123.jpg


Linz main station

20180929 071742.jpg

with an elevator on the platform

20180929 071757.jpg

From Linz station to Bad Leonfelden planed Cycle time: 3:15 h with up hill: 973 m and down hill: 486 m Linz - Bad Leonfelden
Bad Leonfelden to Vyšší Brod

We cross the river Donau

20180929 073553.JPG

20180929 073559.JPG

When we leave Linz, we climb the first hill

20180929 074436.JPG

20180929 075254.JPG

20180929 075556.JPG

20180929 080659.JPG

20180929 082412.JPG

20180929 085806.JPG


in the village Reichenau our first brake to reload our bike batteries, because Wolfgangs battery is empty.

A public charging station for cars, we could also charge our batteries. Only one of the possible sockets worked. Fortunately, we have a multiple socket with us.

20180929 101431.jpg

20180929 101442.jpg

next hills

20180929 101853.JPG

20180929 101859.JPG

Bad Leonfelden

A public charging station for cars, we could also charge our bike batteries in Bad Leonfelden is in front of the restaurant Leonfeldner Hof at the Hauptplatz.

20180929 115313.jpg

We have lunch with good austrian food.

20180929 115332.jpg

Tour 2.part

Bad Leonfelden - Rading - Schwedenschanze (Grenze) - Radvanov - Mlynec - Vyšší Brod 15 km with plenty of altitude

We use the vyssi-brod-runde only to Vyšší Brod.

20180930 103658.jpg

20180929 122807.JPG

Bad track. At the end we have to cross a narrow stream.

The border Austria / Czech Republic

20180929 130253.JPG

Now we reach the Czech Republic

20180929 130256.JPG

20180929 131710.JPG

Bad track.

20180929 133302.jpg


20180929 133321.jpg

20180929 135043.jpg

20180929 135059.jpg

20180929 135110.jpg

The Schwedenschanze (Swedish hill) at Rading

Vyšší Brod

Our hotel: Hotel Šumava in Namesti 47, Vyšší Brod 382 73, Tschechien, Telefon: +420 725 812 821

Our hotel, Hotel Šumava has a nice beer garden

20180929 151049.jpg

We have a good dinner with czech food and czech beer and Slivovitz

Slivovitz see

The view from the beer garden

20180929 151059.jpg