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Rye→Harwich_2019-07-19 (52 km) Harwich_2019-07-19

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Morning 2019-07-19

We reach Rye station.

20190719 101046.jpg

20190719 101055.jpg

20190719 101101.jpg

Bike tour from Rye

From Rye station we cycle to Folkestone Central station.

20190719 123220.JPG

20190719 133133.JPG

20190719 135154.JPG

20190719 135706.JPG

20190719 135829.JPG

We come throught the village Orchard Valley and Hythe.

20190719 145056.JPG

20190719 145536.JPG

20190719 150659.JPG

20190719 151101.JPG

Folkstone Central

In the train from Folkstone Central station to London/Stratford International station we have enough space.

20190719 164157.jpg

Continues the day with Harwich_2019-07-19 (please use the blue arrow at the beginning of this site).