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Brighton→Rye (64 km) Rye

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Greyhound racing

2019-07-18 In the evening we visite a Greyhound racing.

20190718 181031.jpg

20190718 190329.jpg

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In the morning 2019-7-19 we start our tour to Brighton station.

20190719 093628.JPG

20190719 093722.JPG

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20190719 093847.JPG

10:01 	Brighton [BTN]
	8 	Eastbourne [EBN]
	10:38 	2 	0h 37m 	

Southern service from Brighton to Ore show calling points
Train 	10:49 	Eastbourne [EBN]
	1 	Rye (Sussex) [RYE]
	11:45 		0h 56m

We take the train from Brighton station to Eastbourne station

20190719 092100.jpg

20190719 092106.jpg

20190719 092119.jpg

In Eastbourne station we change the train to Rye station.

20190719 095056.JPG