Viersen 2019-07-09

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[ Viersen 2019-07-09→Colchester (45 km) ] →Colchester

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Ready to start by bike to train station Viersen in the morning.

20190709 055203.JPG

Train station Viersen 20190709 062501.JPG

From Viersen to Venlo by train. In Venlo we change the plattform to take the train to Eindhoven.

20190709 071538.JPG

In the train to Eindhoven we have breakfast. 20190709 073022.jpg

In Eindhoven to take the train to Delft. It is on the plattform opposite.

In the train to Delft. 20190709 081558.jpg

We arrive the train station of Delft.

20190709 093552.jpg

20190709 093601.jpg

20190709 093701.jpg

We go by bike to Hoek van Holland to the ferry.

First through Delft. 20190709 094118.JPG

20190709 094403.JPG

20190709 094711.JPG

20190709 095111.JPG

20190709 095244.JPG

20190709 101540.JPG

20190709 103105.JPG

20190709 103115.JPG

20190709 103956.JPG

20190709 104442.JPG

20190709 104446.JPG

We have lunch at the metro station Hoek van Holland.

20190709 113320.jpg

The Metro between Hoek van Holland and Schiedam Centrum do not works in 2019-07.

20190709 112933.jpg

In the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich.

20190709 132825.jpg

We have a cabine, because we wake up so early in the morning and we have to sleep now for some hours. 20190709 132732.jpg

20190709 132814.jpg 20190709 132804.jpg

We reach Harwich.

20190709 195004.jpg 20190709 201725.jpg

20190709 201757.jpg 20190709 203315.jpg

Harwich international train station. 20190709 210829.JPG

In the train to Maningtree. 20190709 202305.jpg 20190709 202315.jpg 20190709 202320.jpg

Paper 2020-01-11 121543.jpg

20190709 202328.jpg

We leave the train at M.... station and do a bike tour to our hotel.

20190709 212841.JPG