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Siena→Figline Valdarno (47 km with 1060 m Ascent and 1050 m Descent) Figline Valdarno

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Pal-Mac Select Choir

Il Palio

Concerto della Palmyra-Macedon Select Choir Palmyra, New York

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Siena 2019-04-14 in the rain

20190414 142606.jpg

20190414 143210.jpg

Snack in Pizza Restaurant La Piccola Ciaccineria, Via S. Pietro 52 - Siena

Concerto della Palmyra-Macedon Select Choir Palmyra 2019-04-14 15:30 Chiesa di San Pietro alle Scale

20190414 151031.jpg

20190414 152303.jpg

Dinner in Vineria " Il Murello" Via San Pietro 48 - 53100 Siena


Next morning 2019-04-15

From Siena to Figline Valdarno 47 km with 1060 m Ascent and 1050 m Descent.

20190415 094657.JPG

20190415 094922.JPG

20190415 095500.JPG

20190415 103848.jpg

20190415 103852.jpg

Radda in Chianti

Brake to charge the bike batteries an Lunch in village Radda in Chianti.

20190415 112449.jpg

20190415 112524.jpg

Easter present

20190415 112441.jpg

la Palagina

The view from the hotel garden Villa la Palagina to village Figline Valdarno and the mountains apennin.

20190415 165004.jpg

20190415 165014.jpg

20190415 181947.jpg

20190415 170600.jpg

20190415 181955.jpg

Complete the day with Figline Valdarno