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Lucca→VIRGO (48 km with 140 m Ascent and 190 m Descent) VIRGO

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Monday Morning our tour from Lucca - via Pisa to Virgoto. First by train.

20190408 130004.JPG

We were looking for a safe way to ride with our bikes.

The street is to dangeros.

The path next to the road ends the adventure begin.

20190408 142753.JPG

20190408 142759.JPG

So we have to take our bikes down.

20190408 142806.JPG

And Wolfgang pulles the heavy bikes down and together we take them over the closed door!

20190408 143050.jpg

Back on safe ways.

20190408 143053.jpg

20190408 144810.JPG

20190408 145646.JPG

20190408 150330.JPG

Virgo Gravitational Observatory

In the afternoon we reached Virgo Gravitational Observatory.

20190408 152059.jpg

20190408 153033.JPG

20190408 155145.jpg

Our guide Garry for our personaly tour in the Gravitational Observatory

20190408 160543.jpg

20190408 161257.jpg

20190408 161845.jpg

20190408 161853.jpg

20190408 161858.jpg

20190408 161935.jpg

20190408 161955.jpg

20190408 165257.jpg

20190408 165740.jpg

20190408 170413.jpg

In the late afternoon we reach our stay near Virgo.

Pictures from this stay see: