London 2018-05-21

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Bike Checkout


* Arrival at London St Pancras station

20180521 120703.JPG

* Pick up your bikes at the luggage counter and load your luggage

20180521 122620.jpg

Change train station in London: from St Pancras station to Euston station

20180521 131802.jpg

London Euston station

Train tickets from London-Euston to Ardrossan-Habour.png

Only about 10-15 minutes before the train start, we can see on which track our train leaves.

20180521 130609.JPG

Ride with Scotrail train to Glasgow

20180521 133404.jpg

Lunch in the train

20180521 134527.jpg

20180521 134536.jpg

4 1/2 h ride with the train

20180521 160419.jpg

20180521 160453.jpg

As we pass Gretna Green we know we arrived in Scotland

20180521 161944.jpg

20180521 161955.jpg

20180521 161959.jpg

Glasgow central station

At Glasgow central station we change to the train to Ardrossan Habour

20180521 181439.JPG

20180521 200446.jpg

20180521 200434.jpg