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Apartment Pension Stark


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Bike and train

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4 x täglich nach Cheb

getting there

Stop and breakfast at the bakery in Meerbusch-Osterath

Departure 07:45am from Meerbusch-Osterath with RE 32528 platform 1 to Köln Hbf arrivals 08:19am platform 2

20190914 072739.JPG

Change trains at Cologne Central Station

Departure 09:17am Köln Hbf with IC 1919 platform 7 D-G Stuttgart arrivals 12:46am platform 16

In the train to Stutgart

20190914 124454.JPG

20190914 124503.JPG


Change trains at Stuttgart Central Station

Lunch at Stuttgart castle park near Central Station

20190914 132338.JPG

20190914 132347.JPG

Departure 14:07am Stuttgart Hbf IC 2069 platform 16 Nürnberg arrivals 16:18am platform 15

20190914 140250.JPG

20190914 140347.JPG

The new IC makes getting on bicycles easier.

20190914 140904.jpg

Change trains at Nürnberg Central Station

Departure 16:37am Nürnberg Hbf RE 5291 platform 17 Cheb arrivals 18:22am

Train station Cheb has no lift or ramp. We have to carry the bike with baggage via steps.

In the Cheb supermarket we buy groceries for the weekend.

Apartment Pension Stark

Our bicycles stood in this garage overnight

20190915 090358.JPG