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Downderry→Bournemouth (48 km) Bournemouth

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Stay in Downderry

Arrived 2019-07-13

We stay 2 nights in this hotel. From Saturday to Monday.

Sunday is beach day.

20190714 134217.jpg

20190714 134221.jpg

20190714 134225.jpg

20190714 134228.jpg

20190714 134253.jpg 20190714 134304.jpg

20190714 135140.jpg

The view from our room.

20190715 061126.jpg

Monday early in the morning on our tour to Bournemouth.

20190715 061138.jpg

First we cycle to the train station St. Germans.

20190715 071912.JPG 20190715 072300.JPG

20190715 073427.JPG

We reach train station St. Germans.

20190715 074909.JPG

20190715 102310.jpg

20190715 102336.jpg

Change train in Castle Cary, the festval town.

The men with the orange jacket help us to cross the railway at the end of the plattform.

20190715 105110.JPG

20190715 102110.jpg

We need sun lotion on a very sunny day.

20190715 102117.jpg

20190715 102130.jpg

our bike tour starts from Dorchester

20190715 122149.JPG

20190715 135548.JPG

alone through a nature reserve

20190715 132509.jpg

20190715 141721.JPG

20190715 141725.JPG

20190715 143643.JPG

rough unpaved trail

20190715 143709.JPG

20190715 143712.JPG 20190715 143716.JPG

and again and again open the animal gates

20190715 143842.JPG 20190715 143845.JPG

20190715 144337.JPG

20190715 150916.JPG

south Haven point

Arrived 2019-07-15

At south haven point the ferry was out of work.

20190715 143729.jpg 20190715 143736.jpg

Good restaurant with bautiful view. We have to reload the battery of our bikes.

20190715 143742.jpg 20190715 150147.jpg

Wolfgang asked the captain of the passenger ferry if he would take us with our bicycles.

20190715 151033.jpg 20190715 165646.jpg

20190715 165649.jpg 20190715 165659.jpg

We reach north haven point

20190715 171534.jpg