Cologne 2019-04

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Cologne 2019-04→Como () Como

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Early in the morning we cycled to Osterath train station to catch the train to Cologne main station.

We reached Cologne main station on time around 8 am.

Our train EC 7 to Basel was scheduled for 8:53 am. But unfortunately there was a break of the catenary near Düsseldorf which lead to major issues for Deutsche Bahn.

(Next article is written in german in the Rheinische Post newspaper from 2019-04-06)

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We ended up to start some 2 1/2 hours late with EC 9 direction Zurich. Since the suisse rail didn't want that late train in there system the train only wen to Basel Bad. There we took an S-Bahn to Basel SBB then a train to Lugano and from there the S-Bahn to Chiasso. There we took or bikes to our final destination of the day Como.

Before we go by train through the Gotthard Tunnel / Switzerland the landscape was covered in snow.

20190405 185424.jpg

20190405 185624.jpg

We saw the swiss mountain Matterhorn EN Matterhorn DE

20190405 185637.jpg

After the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Gotthard-Basistunnel de in Switzerland the landscape was green.

20190405 193915.jpg

Change the train in ....

20190405 202858.JPG

We reached Como.

20190405 223124.jpg