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Colchester→Penzance (-) Penzance

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For our journey in GB we use our Interrail Great Britain Pass Flexi (one country pass for 03 days/01 month)


Next morning we leave Bromley on the way to Colchester station.

20190710 100935.JPG

20190710 103451.JPG

Our train to London leaves Colchester station at 10:04 am

Our train arrives London Liverpool Street station.

20190710 115832.JPG

London by bike

Our bike ride through London city to London Paddington station.

20190710 121614.JPG

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20190710 124949.JPG

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20190710 125811.JPG

20190710 131333.JPG

We arrive London Paddington station at noon.

20190710 132902.JPG

London Paddington station and


Paddington station is not only one of the most important train stations in London due to the express connection to London Heathrow Airport. From here you start mainly in the southwest(St. Ives, Penzance)

We take the train to Penzance at 13:03 pm and have lunch inside the train.