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Bembridge→Bognor Regis (50 km) Bognor Regis

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09:45 	Bournemouth [BMH]	2 	Brockenhurst [BCU] 09:59 	2 	0h 14m


10:28 	Brading [BDN]	Ryde Esplanade [RYD] 10:39 		0h 11m



Isle of Wight

2019-07-17 From Bembridge we go by bike to Brading station to take the small train to Ryde Pier Head.

Beside a small airport

20190717 120930.JPG

Brading station

20190717 122458.JPG 20190717 122527.JPG

10:28 	Brading [BDN]	Ryde Esplanade [RYD] 10:39 		0h 11m

20190717 113505.jpg

20190717 113509.jpg

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-09 um 19.51.32.png

At Ryde Pier Head we take the fast ferry to Portsmouth.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-09 um 19.54.38.png

20190717 115923.jpg

20190717 124504.JPG

We reach Portsmouth habor and train station

20190717 131528.JPG

20190717 134800.JPG

In Portsmouth we buy more bicycle tubes, because our tubes very often brakes.

A very small ferry from Eastney/Potsmouth take us and our bikes to the island West Town/Mengham.

20190717 130340.jpg

20190717 130348.jpg

We cross by bike the little island and over a bridge to Langstone.

20190717 142440.JPG

20190717 142445.JPG

20190717 143526.JPG

20190717 143527.JPG

20190717 143830.JPG

20190717 143843.JPG

20190717 143849.JPG

20190717 144340.JPG

20190717 144604.JPG

From town Havant to town Chichester we cycle 10 km along a busy road. It is no fun.

In Chichester we find a restaurant, wehre we can sit outside

20190717 145816.jpg

20190717 145831.jpg

20190717 145852.jpg

In the afternoon we reach Bognor Regis. Our Navigator Hotel has ocean front. We have very good cake and a nice dinner in the evening

Our room has sea view.

20190718 094536.jpg

20190718 094542.jpg

20190718 094548.jpg

20190718 094554.jpg