Železná Ruda

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https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/Železná Ruda


Penzion Bobešova bouda


Smid Jiri


[ Železná Ruda→Viechtach (55 km) ] →Viechtach

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The "Regental - cycle path" begins in Železná Ruda /Czech Republic and ends in Regensburg / Germany


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Altitude 1606 m

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2018-10-01 In the evening we cycle up hill to the Pivovar Belveder in Železná Ruda, a Brewery

Hotel A Pivovar Belveder

We have good foot and drinks in the Pivovar Belveder.

20181001 175629.jpg

20181001 175641.jpg

20181001 175644.jpg


From our stay Penzion Bobešova bouda Klatovska 53 34004 Železná Ruda

20181002 091918.JPG

Next morning the sky is grey and we start in the morning our bike tour "Regental-cycle path"

20181002 091940.JPG

20181002 091945.JPG

You see snow on the top on the Czech mountains. It is very cold this morning.

20181002 092436.JPG

20181002 092438.JPG

The "Regental - cycle path" begins in Železná Ruda /Czech Republic and ends in Regensburg / Germany

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20181002 093324.JPG

Back in Germany

Zwiesel 2018-10-02

Bicycle workshop: Radsport Josef Leitl Theresienthaler-Str. 25 in 94227 Zwiesel

Wolfgang buys warmer gloves for cycling

Maria's bike got a bottle holder attached.

Then we visite the Factory outlet at Schott Glaswerke

We do some shopping and had our purchases sent home by DHL.

20181002 123445.JPG

Brake and lunch at backery Bachmeier in Schott-Glaswerk, Dr.-Schott-Str. 27 in 94227 Zwiesel

20181002 123452.JPG

2nd part of the bike tour

This part is also called Bavarian canda.

20181002 124942.JPG

20181002 125707.JPG

20181002 125710.JPG

20181002 125720.JPG

Along the river "Regen"

20181002 130422.JPG

20181002 130427.JPG

20181002 130434.JPG

20181002 130805.JPG

20181002 130806.JPG

20181002 133201.JPG

20181002 133210.JPG

very hilly

20181002 133224.JPG

20181002 133627.JPG

20181002 134116.JPG

20181002 135938.JPG

20181002 135945.JPG

Hotel Schmaus in Viechtach

In the afternoon we reach the hotel Schmaus /Viechtach.

At EDEKA we bought groceries for dinner in our hotel room.

In the late afternoon, when Wolfgangs bicycle battery is recharged, Wolfgang cycles to Bad Krötzing zu K+b E-Tech Gmbh & Co.Kg expert Fachmarkt Arnbrucker Str. 2 in 93444 Bad Krötzing: to buy an Mini-DisplayPort - Adapter

The place, in the Hotel Schmaus, where our bikes are parked overnight.

20181003 102622.JPG

20181003 102631.JPG

20181003 102634.JPG