Figline Valdarno

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Figline Valdarno→Rosenheim (6 km with 0 m Ascent and 180 m Descent) Rosenheim

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Il Palagio

In the afternoon we visited Stings winery near Figline Valdarno and could look at two houses which were for rent.

20190415 161838.jpg

20190415 164844.jpg

This house has a fire place outside.


The view from the hotel Villa la Palaginato to village Figline Valdarno and the mountains apennin.

20190415 165004.jpg

20190415 165014.jpg

20190415 181947.jpg

20190416 073140.jpg

20190415 170600.jpg

Early in the morning our bike tour started to Figline Valdarno station.

20190416 073128.jpg

In the train

20190416 091926.jpg

20190416 091937.jpg

We had to change trains 3 times.

20190416 120253.JPG