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South Bohemia Forest(Czech Republic) in 2018-10

but we decided to change to

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Linz29 September 2018Vyssi Brod train to Austria40 km Linz to Bad Leonfelden and 15 km more to Vyssi Brod
Vyssi Brod30 September 2018České Žleby Vyšší Brod to Horni Plana Hotel ŠumavaR plus R s.r.o. Market Vyšší Brod43 km Vyssi Brod to Horni Plana
České Žleby1 October 2018Železná Ruda- Hotel České Žleby0 km České Žleby to ....
Železná Ruda2 October 2018ViechtachPenzion Bobešova boudaSmid Jiri55 km
Viechtach3 October 2018RodingHotel&Restaurant Schmaus http://hotel-schmaus.deEDEKA Viechtach Schmidstraße 4 in 94234 Viechtach46 km
Roding4 October 2018Regensburg Lobmeyer 54 km
Regensburg5 October 2018